Into the world of transparent plexiglass

Acrylic belongs to transparent plexiglass. This kind of product is a relatively common material at present. Let us walk into the world of plexiglass and take a look together.

Plexiglass can be divided into four types according to its shape.

Colorless transparent plexiglass is the most common and most used plexiglass material.

Colored transparent plexiglass: commonly known as color board. The light transmission is soft, and the light boxes and handicrafts made with it make people feel comfortable and generous. Colored plexiglass is divided into three types: transparent and colored, translucent and colored, and opaque and colored. The luster of magnetic plexiglass is not as bright as pearl plexiglass, and it is brittle and fragile. It is suitable for making dials, boxes, medical equipment and modeling materials for characters and animals. Transparent plexiglass: high transparency, suitable for making lamps. The chandelier made of it is exquisite and translucent, crystal clear. Translucent plexiglass is similar to frosted glass, with soft reflections. Crafts made with it make people feel comfortable and generous.

Pearl plexiglass: It is made by adding pearl powder or phosphor powder to ordinary plexiglass. This kind of plexiglass has bright color and high surface finish. After the outer form is hot pressed by the mold, even if it is ground and polished, it still maintains the molded pattern, forming a unique artistic effect. It can be used to make figures, animal shapes, trademarks, decorations and publicity exhibition materials.

Embossed plexiglass: It is transparent, translucent, colorless, brittle, and easy to break. It is used in decorations such as indoor doors and windows. It has the characteristics of translucent but not transparent. It is usually used in indoor partitions or separate indoor doors and windows. use.

Plexiglass is widely used, not only in commerce, light industry, construction, chemical industry and so on. Moreover, the production of plexiglass is widely used in advertising decoration and sand table models, such as: signs, billboards, light box panels and Chinese and English letter panels.

The selection of materials depends on the shape design, what kind of shape, what kind of plexiglass, color, and variety must be tested repeatedly to achieve the best results. With a good design and careful processing, it can become a beautiful handicraft.


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