Learn about flame retardant acrylic

Acrylic material is widely used in the current market. It should be understood that with the development of science and technology, new products have begun to appear in the public’s field of vision, and they have gradually affected the development of the times. Let’s take a look together. Products made of this material.

1. Different flame retardant effects

Common acrylic material itself is not flame retardant. Acrylic flame retardant material, as the name suggests, is to increase the flame retardant to prevent rapid burning, which has a better flame retardant effect than ordinary materials.

2. The burning speed is different

Acrylic flame retardant materials, compared with ordinary acrylic materials, will not burn so quickly to complete.

3. The extinguishing time is different

Acrylic flame retardant materials will quickly extinguish after burning, while ordinary acrylic materials will not extinguish, but will only burn out quickly.

Acrylic is an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It is non-flammable but flammable. It is easy to burn. Its limiting oxygen index is only 17.3 and it has no extinguishing properties.

Acrylic is a kind of flame-retardant material; there is a kind of flame-retardant plexiglass. Flame-retardant plexiglass refers to the plexiglass that does not burn or burns slowly and extinguishes itself after leaving the flame. It is a new environmentally friendly material, which is a combination of organic The advantages of glass (acrylic) and polycarbonate (PC), their strength and impact toughness are better than plexiglass, and are widely used in buildings that require higher fire protection levels.

Ordinary acrylic sheet is flammable. Flame-retardant acrylic sheet is a copolymer product added with flame-retardant polymer materials. Its transmittance is not lower than that of ordinary acrylic sheet. The transmittance of high-quality flame-retardant acrylic sheet is more than 93%, and impact The strength is also greater than that of ordinary acrylic sheet.Flame retardant acrylicThe characteristic is that it will go out immediately after leaving the fire, blocking the spread of the flame, while ordinary acrylic is very flammable and the fire is very fierce.