As an acrylic sheet manufacturer

AsAcrylic board manufacturer, Let’s take a look at the performance characteristics of acrylic sheet:

1. Excellent transparency

Colorless transparent plexiglass sheet, light transmittance is above 92%

2. Excellent weather resistance

It has strong adaptability to the natural environment. Even if it is exposed to sunlight, wind and rain for a long time, its performance will not change. It has good anti-aging performance and can be used at ease outdoors.

3. Good processing performance

Suitable for both machining and thermoforming

4. Excellent comprehensive performance

Acrylic sheets are diverse in variety, rich in colors, and have extremely excellent comprehensive properties, providing designers with diversified choices. Acrylic sheets can be dyed, and the surface can be painted, silk-screened or vacuum coated.

There is also a kind of recycled acrylic board, which uses recycled acrylic scrap, which is thermally degraded to obtain recycled MMA (methyl methacrylate) monomer, which is then obtained by chemical polymerization. After a rigorous process, the pure MMA monomer can be re-obtained, and there is no difference in quality from the newly synthesized monomer. However, the purity of the produced degradable monomers is not high, and the quality and performance of the sheet are very poor after the sheet is formed.

Summary: The extruded plate uses granular raw materials, which are extruded after being dissolved at high temperature, while the casting plate is directly casted with MMA monomer (liquid). Although the extruded plate is relatively flat and smooth in appearance, it is because it is formed when the granular raw material is formed. To complete the polymerization. When processed into plates, its structure and performance are weak, and it is not suitable as a material for outdoor identification products. It is only suitable for indoor products such as crystal letters or product brackets.

In addition, since most of the extruded panels do not have the function of UV protection, their outdoor use life is not the same as that of the cast panels. The color will gradually fade and it is easy to become brittle until it breaks. The casting plate is to complete the structural polymerization during the processing of the plate, during which the ultraviolet absorber is added, which has extremely high strength and UV function, and the outdoor service life is more than 5 years or even 10 years. During the use, the color is always bright as new.