Advantages of cast acrylic

Acrylic casting advantages:

1. The acrylic cast plate has excellent rigidity. "Rigidity" refers to the ability of a material or structure to resist elastic deformation when subjected to force. Popular understanding is the ability of a material to resist external forces and maintain its original shape.

2. Excellent chemical resistance of acrylic cast plate.

3. The specifications of acrylic cast sheet products are very complete.

4. The acrylic cast plate has very good transparency.

It has unparalleled flexibility in terms of color and surface texture.

Disadvantages of cast acrylic sheet:

1. Because it is cast, the thickness of the plate has a large error (for example, a 20mm thick plate may actually be only 18mm thick).

2. In the process of casting production, a large amount of water is needed for cooling, which is easy to produce industrial sewage and cause pollution to the environment.

3. The size of the whole board is fixed, and the flexibility of producing other specifications of boards is poor, which is easy to cause waste of board scraps and increase the unit price of the product.

Acrylic extruded board: Acrylic extruded board is generally made by first melting the acrylic raw material, and then extruding it at high temperature through mechanical equipment.

Acrylic casting plate production process: Acrylic raw material → screw extruder (melting, plasticizing) → die head → calendering → laminating → cutting → packaging.

Advantages of extruded acrylic sheet:

1. The thickness tolerance of acrylic extruded board is small.

2. Acrylic extruded sheet is suitable for single-variety and mass production.

3. The length of the sheet produced by acrylic extruded sheet is adjustable, which can produce long sheets.

4. Acrylic extruded sheet is conducive to bending and thermoforming processing, and it is conducive to rapid plastic vacuum forming when processing larger size sheets.

5. Mass production of acrylic extruded sheets can reduce production costs and has great advantages in terms of production dimensions.