The characteristics of brand new acrylic

Everyone who knows acrylic materials must say that acrylic is divided into new materials and recycled materials. The new acrylic materials are of good quality but the price is more expensive, while the price of acrylic materials is lower but the quality is relatively poor. Which one you need depends on your personal consideration of the product. In order to prevent you from buying recycled materials at a new price, today I will give you an inventory of the difference between new acrylic materials and recycled materials.

The characteristics of the brand new acrylic sheet:

1. Excellent anti-ultraviolet performance, no yellowing for at least 5 years, no fading and loss of gloss

2. The light transmittance is greater than 92%

3. The section is transparent and colorless, with good retention after processing (heating)

4. Excellent anti-opening and anti-chemical properties

5. Good weather resistance

The characteristics of the return board:

1. The anti-ultraviolet performance is very poor, it is easy to turn yellow, fade and crack

2. The light transmittance is less than 80%

3. Yellowing at the cross section. Although the Huike board treated with the whitening agent has reduced yellowing initially, it will become yellow after short-term use and no odor. After processing and heating, the yellowing will be aggravated and a prickly odor will be generated. Cracking

4. Poor resistance to solvents and chemicals, easy to crack 5. Poor weather resistance

6. Poor packaging and protective film grade

7. Simple identification of return material board

Acrylic board specifications:

Imported acrylic: 2.05×3.05m

Domestic acrylic (material): 1.25×1.85/2.45m; 1.22×1.82/2.44m; 1.23×1.83m

Domestic acrylic (new material): 1.25/1.22/1.24 × 1.85/2.44/2.46m (3mm-12mm transparent); 1.25/1.22/1.24 × 1.85/2.44/2.46m (14mm-25mm transparent)

The brand-new section is very good in all aspects, but it still cannot overwhelm the price of recycled materials. For some products that are not so strict in appearance and function requirements, it is recommended to consider using recycled materials, but for the quality and the number of results It is better to use brand new products for more stringent products. Although they are more expensive, they are better in quality and durable than recycled materials.